Fiches pratiques : Prise en charge pratique des patients sous...  Abatacept (English version)

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Management of patients on abatacept in daily practice

Update of the CRI fact sheets on abatacept

Since 2005, the CRI has been issuing fact sheets on each new biological agent with the goal of assisting you in your daily practice. Based on new published data and the needs of our clinical practice, these fact sheets are updated at regular intervals. They reflect the experts ‘work consisting in reviewing the literature, studying unpublished data supplied by pharmaceutical companies and communications from main professional meetings, and participating in extensive expert discussions. For all the situations that are not reflected in the Summary of Product Characteristics and for which no consensus exists, we have tried to give our concerted opinion.

As in previous fact sheets, color codes are used to differentiate evidence-based statements, official recommendations, and statements that rely on experts’ opinion.

Our fact-sheet team is now multidisciplinary, as we need expertise from diverse areas to improve our knowledge about new immunomodulating agents.

We owe a large debt of gratitude to all the contributors, who expended a tremendous amount of energy to develop these fact sheets.

Please feel free to provide feedback, in order to help us improve these fact sheets in future updates.

Avec l'aimable concours et l'autorisation
de la Revue du Rhumatisme et de sa version
en langue anglaise Joint Bone Spine

Table of contents
Last update : February 2012

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Diseases other than RA


Members of the panel of experts:
Thao Pham (1,*), Hervé Bachelez (2), Jean-Marie Berthelot (3), Jacques Blacher (4), Pascal Claudepierre (5), Arnaud Constantin (6), Bruno Fautrel (7), Cécile Gaujoux-Viala (7), Vincent Goëb (8), Laure Gossec (9), Philippe Goupille (10), Séverine Guillaume-Czitrom (11), Eric Hachulla (12), Thierry Lequerré (8), Jean- Pierre Marolleau (13), Valérie Martinez (14), Charles Masson (15), Luc Mouthon (16), Xavier Puéchal (17), Pascal Richette (18), Alain Saraux (19), Thierry Schaeverbeke (20), Martin Soubrier (21), Manuelle Viguier (2), Olivier Vittecoq (8), Daniel Wendling (22), Xavier Mariette (23), and Jean Sibilia (24).
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